Hay – Straw – Firewood Auction
Every Wednesday at 9:30 AM

Whether you have hay & bedding you would like to sell or buy, Premier Livestock & Auctions is your choice.
Strong demand for all qualities of Hay and bedding – Conventional and Cert. Organic Hay always in demand!


CubeIt Alfalfa Hay Cubes

CubeIt Alfalfa Hay Cubes

50# Bags of Premium western alfalfa cubes. No additives! Easy to feed out and store – prefect for horses and other small ruminate animals.

​High quality, and guaranteed 15% min crude protein, 30% max crude fiber.

​$18.00 for a 50# bag – Whole Pallet Discount -$16.00/bag

Cubes of Straw

Cubes of Straw

Premium processed Canadian wheat straw. There are 18 small square bundles to a cube.

$135 for a cube.

Direct Load Processed Straw

Direct Load Processed Straw – AVAILABLE AFTER AUGUST

Premium processed & feed grade Canadian wheat straw. They come in 3x3x8 & 3x4x8 bales and directly delivered to your farm.

​$170/ton when delivered to your farm.

​Call Ken at 715-559-8232 to Order