Here are the answers so some common questions our customers have.

We sell dairy and beef cows, heifers, bulls, calves and market cattle. Additionally we sell horses, sheep, goats, and swine. We also sell non-livestock items like hay, straw, firewood, machinery and other misc items.

We also deal with private treaty cattle, herd dispersals and real-estate.

We have regular scheduled auctions Monday through Thursday. Fridays are for scheduled machinery and horse auctions.

Please to refer to our current schedule below:


10:00 AM
– First run of calves

11:00 AM
– Fed cattle
– Market bulls
– Market cows
– Certified organic market cows

1:00 PM
– Second run of calves
– Remaining fed & market cattle


11:00 AM
– Feeder cattle
– Calves
– Fed/Market cattle
– Certified organic market cows

1st, 2nd & 3rd Tuesdays
– Special feeder, bred beef breeding bull auction

4th Tuesday of the month
– Special heifer auction


9:30 AM
– Hay & straw
– Firewood
– Special items

11:00 AM
Dairy Auction
– Dairy cows
– Dairy heifers
– Calves
– Fed & market cattle


11:00 AM
– Goats
– Sheep
– Swine
– Calves

12:00 PM
– Calves

1:30 PM
– Fed & market cattle


(As scheduled)
Horse auctions, special herd dispersals & machinery auctions

We have ‘fair for everyone’ rates. We have one commission schedule for everyone who sells at Premier Livestock & Auctions LLC. To view our commission schedule, please CLICK HERE.

Our Market Reports are updated within 24-hours of a sale. View the most current and previous reports by CLICKING HERE.

Our barn features a convenient drive-thru loading/unloading lane designed to make the process easier for the driver. Additionally, our dedicated staff is available to assist in unloading your livestock efficiently.

Although we do not have transport through Premier, we work with 40+ transport companies throughout Wisconsin that can help haul your cattle. Out of state transportation is also available. Please contact us in advance, if possible, so we can help lineup transportation.

Please note, livestock going out of state are subject to interstate health paper. There is a flat $50 charge per destination. Requirements differ per state, so please contact us ahead of purchasing animals. We do not TB test here at the barn.

Contacts us with questions regarding health papers at 715-229-2500.

High and low yield in the context of livestock or meat production refer to the amount of meat that can be obtained from a particular animal. The yield reflects the price on the Market Report.

– If requested, we can hold your check to be picked up instead of going through the mail.

– Checks that are mailed are sent to the post office the day after a sale. The postal service delivery times can vary. If you do not receive your check after 10 business days, please give the office a call at 715-229-2500

*Note that machinery checks, and other checks do not follow the timeline above.

Yes, we provide hay and water for any animal that is being held overnight for a sale of the next day.

If you’re a first-time customer, please submit a copy of your current organic certification. Furthermore, whenever your certification is renewed or updated, kindly provide us with an updated copy.

If your organic certification indicates that only some of your livestock are eligible for organic slaughter, please submit a Livestock List (Organic Affidavit) located below. Alternatively, you may send us a signed statement specifying the ear tag numbers of the livestock eligible for organic slaughter.

Please be aware that the inclusion of ear tag numbers is mandatory for all organic cattle. Your cooperation helps us ensures the correct information is collected.

If you have questions, please contact us.

You are not required to be BQA certified, but due to packer buyer requests for BQA certification on colored fed cattle we are providing a link for certification online, Any questions please contact us.

Our unloading hours are as follows:

7 am to 10 pm Monday through Thursday. Our after hours phone number is 715-965-9610.